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Q: What is the process involved in the enrollment of international students into the program at SUMC?
A: First of all, you submit a complete application with all the required documents. Prospective students will be contacted via email to arrange an online interview. If you pass the interview and are enrolled, you will receive an official admission letter from SUMC.

Q: How should I submit my application?
A: Please email your application with all the documents as required at "How to Apply" section to

Q: When does the academic year begin and are there multiple enrollment dates/ batches?
A: The academic year begins in early September. We accept enrollment for Fall Semester only.

Q: When does the application open and when is the deadline?
A: We always welcome your application by the end of May for fall intake only.

Q: Does SUMC accept transfer students?
A: SUMC does not accept transfer students. You will have to start over.

Q: What scholarships are offered to international students in the program and what external scholarships can be applied to as additional funding to fund my education and living expenses?
A: Please refer to the "Scholarship" section for details. If you intend to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, please refer to for details or consult the Chinese Embassy in your country. Applicants should submit their scholarship applications to the Chinese Embassy / Consulate or designated agencies in the country of nationality (our agency code is 10560). Please note, according to the regulations of China Scholarship Council (CSC), undergraduate scholarship recipients must register for the Chinese-medium program; and students without adequate Chinese proficiency will have to take Chinese language courses in a university designated by CSC.

Q: What steps do I need to take after being admitted to SUMC in order to receive the appropriate entry visa to China?
A: SUMC will apply for a JW202 Form for the admitted students. With the form you obtain a Student Visa (X1 Visa) from a Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the country of nationality. Please refer to the Pre Arrival Guide for details.

For any further questions, please contact us at